The right steps for renting out your property

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Find tenants: You add your property to Rendin, we ensure the maximum distribution of your ad through real estate portals, and/or other channels.
You will see candidates under your listing in Rendin app, with their background check result. Select potential tenants from those with positive result and decide which you want to contact for showing the apartment. Although the background check is usually performed after showing the property, our experience reveals that it is wiser to do it before the showing. This saves time and avoids inconvenience.

Organize showings: it is timesaving to plan all showings on one day or organize the open-doors-event so that those interested can come and explore the apartment and ask their questions. Again, you can save time by using these solutions.

Prepare the rental agreement: It is very easy with Rendin, as all the important aspects are already included in the draft so the landlord and the tenant just have to fill in the gaps. If the landlord is acting independently, they should have the legal competence to formalize the agreement correctly.

Prepare the act and hand over the rental home: This stage should be taken seriously. At this point you may believe the hardest part to be over, as a tenant has been found. There can never be a 100% guarantee that there will be no problems in the future. This means that the deed of handover-acceptance must be properly drawn up. This makes later claims easier to solve. It is definitely worth taking pictures that illustrate the condition of the rental home before the transfer (with more detailed pictures of more expensive aspects such as household appliances). It is also necessary to record the utility readings and the list of items in the apartment. This is made very easy in the Rendin app.