Guide to signing an institutional rental agreement for the landlord

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You can find our demo documents for the institutional rental agreement here.

  • Agreement example
  • Surety bond
  • Example of notarial deed on voluntary submission to enforcement

These are the steps to sign a institutional rental agreement with Rendin protection as a landlord:

  1. First, you need to find a tenant.We do not supply tenant candidates nor help with the prospecting process. We recommend using social media groups or listing sites to find a tenant. We also recommend communicating immediately that the institutional rental agreement requires the tenant to sign the agreement with the notary. If you’re looking for more information for the tenant on what’s Rendin and what the institutional rental agreement consists of, you can share this link with them.
  2. Use the Rendin invite link and ask the candidates to sign up through this. The invite link helps you do automated payment defaults background checks for candidates via ERIF (the biggest credit bureau in Poland). If the tenant has no outstanding debts, the check will be successful, and the tenant will be considered “accepted” on the Rendin platform. In addition, you can verify multiple tenant candidates via Rendin using the same link if you’re still choosing between tenant candidates.

  3. You can start filling out the agreement information in the meanwhile. Make sure to add yourself as a landlord and fill out your profile as a business profile in the profile view. This is necessary to provide you with an institutional rental agreement instead of the occasional rental agreement we use for private people. Once the agreement information is filled in, we will use this information to prepare an agreement draft for you. You can preview it or send it to signing directly in our environment.

  4. Next, confirm and sign the agreement digitally, then print it out. The digital signing is already legally binding; therefore, you have an agreement. However, the agreement also has to be printed out and signed separately. Once both parties sign it on paper, book a time at the notary and confirm it there. They will provide you with an additional document, guaranteeing notarial protection.
    • DO NOT hand the apartment over to the tenant until the agreement is signed at the notary and the handover is created and confirmed.

  5. When the signing date set in the agreement has arrived, we’ll contact you. We do this to support you and to verify that the agreement was successfully signed and the surety document is in force.
    • The surety won’t come into force with full effect until you have signed the agreement at the notary.

  6. The final step before handing the apartment over to the tenant is the handover. The handover should be done by you on the Rendin platform. Please add photos and descriptions of all rooms and valuables. The photos help guarantee your Rendin protection the best way and provide us with context should anything happen to the apartment.
    • Please remember that without proper handover, Rendin won’t have a basis to pay for any damages.

  7. After the handover is completed, you can hand over the apartment keys to the tenant. Should the agreement end prematurely or if you’re making any important changes in the initial agreement, be sure to notify Rendin of this (price, cotenants, agreement terms etc.) via our environment or email us at or our phone number +48 226955379.