Can I sign an occasional agreement with a citizen of Ukraine?

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Yes, you can sign an occasional rental agreement with a citizen of Ukraine.

Ukrainian refugees* who arrived in Poland on February 24th 2022 or later, due to war in their country, don’t have to present the address of the premises that they’ll move to in case of possible eviction. It is effective until further notice.

Suppose the eviction process has to take place. Such a tenant can be evicted outside the rented property without an endorsement of alternate accommodation.


Agreement signing and notarial deed

Even though the Ukrainian tenant doesn’t have to give the address indication of where they’ll move in case of eviction, the notarial deed is still required. At the notary, the tenant signs a statement of submission to voluntary eviction.

Overview of the main steps:

  • The first agreement signing is digital via Autenti. The landlord and tenant will get instructions with the e-mail.
  • The second stage is the final signing. The agreement has to be printed in two copies, and both parties must sign it by hand. Remember to add the date of signing as well.
  • A hand-signed agreement needs to be presented to the notary. The tenant must definitely be present. Although the landlord’s presence is optional, we recommend they be on the spot as well.
  • Based on the hand-signed agreement, the notary creates a statement – submission to voluntary eviction – that tenant needs to sign.
  • Notary signed submission to voluntary execution shall be delivered by Tenant to Landlord before the premises are handed over.

PESEL is necessary

Foreign citizens may not have a PESEL number, but any tenant signing agreement on the Rendin platform has to be verified first, which requires the PESEL number.

If a tenant with a PESEL number passes the verification, they can sign an occasional rental agreement with Rendin surety.

If the prospective tenant you want to rent a property to doesn’t have a PESEL number, they can obtain one. You can find more information here.


*According to the Act of March 12, 2022, on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens in Connection With the Armed Conflict on the Territory of This Country, Article 69, this exemption refers to citizens of Ukraine, that arrived to the territory of Poland in connection with hostilities conducted in the territory of Ukraine, not earlier than on February 24th 2022. The act is valid until further notice.

Everyone else who signs an occasional rental agreement with Rendin protection must present an address to where they move in case of eviction. Therefore, only citizens of Ukraine are excluded from this requirement by the law mentioned above.