How to set the landlord as the owner or the owner's proxy when concluding rental agreements in Rendin?

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If you own a property or are authorized to manage it (including renting it out), and want to rent it through our platform, remember to set up a profile using your personal data.

It will ensure that your details automatically appear in the rental agreement as the landlord's information. You will also be the person who signs the regular rental agreement online or in the case of occasional or institutional rental, in writing.

The data in your Rendin profile, the particulars of the landlord in the contract, and the data of the person who signs the contract must all refer to the same person.

If you are a proxy, i.e. you act on behalf of another person, create a profile by providing their data. Then, send a power of attorney to Rendin to use the platform in accordance with the provisions of points 3.4 and 3.5 of the Terms of Service.

In this case, as a proxy, you can sign the rental agreement both online and on paper, although your data does not appear in the profile and the agreement. You must show a power of attorney to the tenant and the notary when they ask.