The termination of a rental agreement

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In Rendin, the following agreements are available:

  • Regular rental agreement
  • Occasional rental agreement
  • Institutional rental agreement

Even though by Polish law, regular rental agreements can be concluded both as fixed term or termless, in Rendin, for better protection of parties, we allow only fixed-term agreements. On the other hand, occasional and institutional rental agreements by the law are fixed-term agreements. Therefore agreements signed through Rendin do not contain a cancellation notice period. On the Rendin platform, you can sign an agreement for 3 months to 10 years.

The Rendin rental agreement does not specify circumstances under which the tenant could terminate it. If you have to end the rental relationship, try to negotiate a termination agreement with the landlord, as mutual consent can terminate it. Remember that the landlord might ask for compensation of, e.g., one month’s rent to avoid incurring losses while the property is unoccupied.

Detailed agreement termination terms are listed in point 7 of the General Terms Of Rental Agreement, which can be found here.