The landlord is not happy with my cleaning. How to resolve this disagreement?

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As always, we recommend that you first communicate with the other side of the tenancy relationship. Simply ask about the landlord's precise expectations. Sit down together at the table and without negative emotions write down the list of reservations of the landlord. Discuss it and determine what the final effect should look like. The list itself will allow you to correct what is on it step by step and will give you confidence that there will be no further requests. It will also allow you to show, after additional cleaning, that you did what you agreed to do.

Schedule your cleaning and formulating final handover act as non-last minute activity, so that you have time to make adjustments when needed.

If, however, despite attempts to reach a satisfactory condition for both parties, you still do not reach an agreement, we recommend that you contact Rendin customer service. We will help you reach an agreement and we will lead you to a positive termination of the rental relationship.