Thorough final cleaning

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The Rendin rental agreement says that the premises and equipment must be returned clean and in accordance with the terms of the Handover Act and rental instructions. If the Premises and Equipment are not returned clean and unchanged, the landlord or Rendin will perform cleaning and maintenance works, the cost of which will be covered by the Tenant.

According to the Act on the tenants protection rights, Art. 6e.1. after the end of the tenancy and emptying the premises, the tenant is obliged to renew the premises and make necessary repairs. This means that if, for example, you have excessively dirty the walls or if there are shoe marks on the ceiling, you will even have to repaint them. However, assuming that you use the apartment in a normal way, a thorough cleaning is enough.

The Act on the tenants protection rights does not specify the cleanliness level to which the tenant is to bring the apartment at the end of the rental agreement. However, implement the rule that you hand over the apartment to the owner in as clean a condition in which you found it. If it was thoroughly clean, it means that you need to vacuum it thoroughly, wipe off any dirt resulting from normal use, wash floors and windows, and if you have not wiped the fittings or shower windows on a regular basis, it is worth trying to remove limescale (a rough sponge soaked in vinegar should allow you to achieve this without much problem). Thanks to this, you will easily draw up the apartment handover act after renting, attach photos of the apartment in undeterred condition and your tenancy relationship with the landlord will end in a pleasant atmosphere.