Formulating the Handover Act

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The property handover act is a document that you and the landlord have drawn up when you started your tenancy relationship. You documented the condition of the premises at the time you moved in, along with current photos, and you listed items in the apartment. You also wrote down utility meters readings.

Now, at the end of the agreement, on the day you move out, you must repeat these steps documenting the same meter readings and the condition of the rooms and equipment. This will allow you to compare the condition before the start of the rental and the current one. On this basis, you will make a final settlement of utilities costs and check that nothing has been damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

A carefully prepared handover act after renting, will protect you against any unjustified claims of the landlord, which could arise after the end of the contract.

Creating this document is very simple and is done online in Rendin app.