What the monthly rental fee consists of?

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The monthly rental price includes the following:

  • the amount paid to the landlord for using the apartment they let (called rent)
  • administrative rent (paid for by the housing management entity)
  • other utilities and service charges

The administrative rent consists of the following:

  • building administration cost,
  • the cost of maintaining common spaces,
  • renovation fund,
  • advance payment for central heating,
  • advance payment for cold water, hot water and sewage disposal.

The amount depends on the specific building and often on the number of people living in the apartment.

Utilities and services charges include the costs for:

  • electricity,
  • gas,
  • water
  • heating,
  • internet and television.

The amount depends on the individual consumption by the tenant.

In a listing for renting an apartment, the primary amount is usually the sum of the rent for the landlord and the administrative rent.

The necessity to pay additional utility bills is usually mentioned later in the listing description, as their amount will depend on the tenant's consumption.

If the rent to the property management depends on how many people will eventually live in the rented apartment, this information should be provided in the description of the advertisement.


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