Entering into a rental agreement through Rendin

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We suggest discussing conditions of your agreement with the landlord, while they are generating rental agreement in Rendin App. You need to specify details like: date of start and ending of rental agreement, who pays for each utility cost, and other arrangements, specific to a particular property. It is important to have a clarity of mutual expectations prior to entering into a rental relation.

After the landlord has generated the agreement and submitted it in the Rendin App, both sides will receive an email with the contract to be signed through Autenti service. This is a free and secure way to sign the document online.

Next step is to meet with the landlord to make a handover acceptance act. This document is also generated in the Rendin App by the landlord. You will receive it in your email and all you need to do is to accept it. This step finalizes formalities and you can move in on the day when agreement starts.