Formulating the Handover Act

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The Handover Act is, after the rental agreement, the most important document that you need to properly rent out a property. It has to document the actual state of the apartment on the day you hand it over to the tenant. In particular, we mean readings of electricity, water, gas, and heat meters. You should also describe the key aspects of the property’s condition and the quantity and quality of the equipment in the apartment as well as prepare photo documentation. This is very important in case of any future disputes, like if the tenant were to make some damage and refuse to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

In the Rendin application, you will get to conveniently fill out the Handover Act step by step, according to a proven template. You will also be able to add photos of the rooms and equipment and send them to the tenant over the internet to get their approval. This will let Rendin's legal team effectively assist you if there are any damages, or if the tenant fails to settle utility payments.