Does Rendin add property listings to real estate portals?

  • Updated

No, Rendin does not list rental properties on external platforms.

Rendin listings are exclusively available on our website, app, and social media channels. This approach ensures the utmost safety and convenience for both landlords and tenants throughout the rental process. 

Additionally, by keeping the property listings within our ecosystem, we can offer landlords 100% free access to property listing, expert-made, secure Rendin agreements, and our financial guarantee to protect rental income.

When you add a rental property to your Rendin landlord profile, we automatically showcase it on our website and app in the 'Find a home' section. We also feature it in our Facebook group for deposit-free rental homes.


To get your property listed and find a tenant, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out your property listing by providing all relevant details about your rental home.
  2. Review the listing once it's ready and published on our website. Make any necessary changes, if required.
  3. Share the property listing link on social media and with potential tenant candidates, if you have any.
  4. To expand the visibility of your rental property, you can list it on external platforms. However, to enjoy Rendin protection, it's essential to sign the rental agreement with a verified tenant candidate through our app.

By adhering to these steps, you can find the right tenant for your property and make the most of the Rendin protection.