If anything has happened to my property or the items there, what should I do?

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If the landlord has discovered damage, they must inform the tenant. Rendin must be kept updated as well. You can always ask us for advice and guidance.

The landlord should gather evidence to make their statement reasoned and strong. First, there should be a handover-acceptance deed made prior to the tenant moving in, which contains up-to-date pictures to record the actual condition of the property. Then pictures should again be taken after something has happened to the property. That way it is possible to compare the condition of the property before and after, in order to assess the amount of damage for making a claim.

The responsibility is first shifted to the tenant and a compromise should be sought. If the tenant is not cooperative and does not compensate for the damage, Rendin will step in to help. The damage is compensated to the landlord and then a claim is made against the tenant by Rendin.