Agreement signing: digital pre-signing and primary notarised signing

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The first pre-signing is digital via Autenti. Both parties will get instructions and an agreement to the email. Please note that this only has the power of a regular agreement – no Rendin surety.

The second primary signing: you need to print the agreement in two copies, and both parties must sign it by hand.

Hand-signed agreement must be taken to the notary, where the tenant signs one of the appendixes provided by the notary - submission to voluntary execution. This is crucial since we allow only occasional rental agreements. Also, it helps us provide the best legal framework to operate in and will enable us to support and protect our clients in the best way to solve their issues.


What to know?

  • Both parties can book the appointment with the notary. The tenant must be present, but the landlord's presence is optional but recommended.
  • The agreement has to be printed out and signed by the notary, including appendixes. We'll send the appendixes via email.
  • The notary makes an extra appendix: Submission to execution with the indicated address where the tenant moves out in case the agreement ends. This notary deed is signed by the tenant and is necessary to conclude an occasional rent agreement.
  • The agreement, including the notary signed appendix, will remain valid if the landlord informs the tax office about the agreement within 14 days since the agreement takes effect. Failure to do so will cease Rendin's surety. We send the suitable document template that needs to be submitted to the tax office to the landlord via email.
  • The deed's cost is around 300 złoty. We advise the landlord to pay it, but the parties can agree on it themselves.